Tile Floor Restoration in Orange County, CA.

Tile floors are very common in Orange County, CA. Probably a main reason behind it is the summer-like weather throughout the year. Tile floors are known to keep a cool atmosphere at home and reduces the temperature in your home quite a bit. In addition, many of you choose to install tile floor because they are much easier to maintain over time. In order to clean your tile floor you do not need to call a professional carpet cleaning service. However, every now and then your tile floor will need a professional touch in order to restore the original shine and fresh look. For this reason we offer our tile floor restoration service in Orange County, California.

What is the difference between tile floor cleaning and tile floor restoration?

In order to better understand the difference in service, we first must understand the difference in the need. Tile floor cleaning is a steam cleaning process that together with deep agitation of your tile and grout, it restores back the clean look to your floor. It works great on ceramic floor and some natural stone tile floors.
However, tile floor restoration is a completely different process that resembles wood floor cleaning much more than tile & grout cleaning.

For natural stone the cleaning process is much different. The reason is that a natural stone (travertine, lime stone etc) absorb the dirt ad fluids from its environment, therefore, losing its original shine and color. Therefore, in order to really deeply clean travertine floor for example, there is a need to remove the top layer of the floor in order to remove all scratches and in order to fill the holes. Then, once the tiles are repaired, we shine back the top layer of the stone tile floor and restore its original look based on your specifications.

tile floor restoration orange county

Tile Floor Restoration.

By offering your our top of the line tile floor restoration service, we give you the opportunity to enjoy a new floor again. There is not need for you to purchase a new floor and get the house in construction mode. In a matter of 1-2 days we can give you a new floor feel to your home that would enhance its value immediately. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your home, this is a great opportunity to impress your buyers.

For more information about our tile floor restoration in Orange County, please contact Dr. Carpet. We specialize in travertine floor cleaning and restoration for over a decade.

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