carpet cleaning service in dana point Our carpet cleaning service in Dana Point, going into details.

Dana point is beautiful beach town at the southern part of Orange County, CA. We are lucky to be working here with the amazing local community of Dana Point. Over the years we came to realize that a large part of the Dana Point carpet cleaning needs, involves same day carpet cleaning service to many vacation rentals. Therefore, we grew to specialize in immediate service and response to our customers. In addition, due to the large amount of foot traffic and sand that you bring in your homes, we also adjusted our carpet cleaning service to these specific needs.

First, we do not compromise on the quality of our carpet cleaning products and equipment. You have high quality carpet and furniture at home, and you deserve the responsibility of our team. In addition, our years of knowledge and experience have thought us well on how to approach various issues on your carpet. For example, we formulated an aggressive foot traffic carpet cleaning product. Also, our pure and potent form of our anti bacterial really kills the stains and the germs. In addition, the bad odors are also eliminated with out products.

Our Dana Point Carpet Cleaning Procedure.

First, we always begin our carpet cleaning inspection by locating and identifying the various issues. Different stains require a different approach and carpet cleaning products. Then, we properly treat the various stains on the carpet and apply them in the right depth. The third step of our carpet cleaning process involves the complete shampoo of the carpet as every inch should get freshened up and treated.
Now for the fun part. We use our top of the line carpet cleaning equipment to fully steam and extract all the residue and stains from the carpet. Leaving your carpet as fresh as possible. Also, in case some stains are too stubborn, we go over the necessary steps to assure full satisfaction.

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Dr. Carpet is a leading carpet cleaning service in Orange County, California. 

We bring over 10 years of carpet cleaning experience as a company. It is our every day goal to reach the desired results set by you, our customers.