The Reason We Constantly Need To Keep Up With Residential Carpet Cleaning.

There are so many reason for you to choose to install a carpet in your house or condo. However, you must not wait until the carpet looks dirty to clean it. In a similar way to any flooring, it only take a few day for the floor to accumulate dust. Therefore, the upkeep of your carpet is needed periodically. Nevertheless, carpet cleaning, in particular residential carpet cleaning is different than wood or tile floor maintenance. Your common residential carpet has a pad underneath. that means that after a while of usage, much of the dust sinks underneath the carpet and sticks on the pad. Therefore, with time a pile of dust will accumulate underneath the carpet and will eventually create dark spots that reappear. If you have a quality carpet, it will hold off the dust some time longer than a lower quality carpet.

How Often Do You Need A Residential Carpet Cleaning?

This question is often asked by our customers. Some of you own rental units with lower end carpet, and some of you want to maintain the luxury carpet. The correct answer to that would depend on the amount of the foot traffic your carpet normally gets. When we walk on the carpet we rush the process of the dust sinking underneath the carpet on to the pad. The more we push the dust down, the faster you will notice the carpet wear and tear and turning black. Therefore, based on individual needs and preferences we would recommend a deep residential carpet cleaning anywhere from every 3 months to once a year.

Pet Stains and Residential Carpet Cleaning.

Pet stains have become the biggest threat to our carpet nowadays. The great risk you take with a pet that has accidents on the carpet is somewhat significant. Imagine that pad underneath the carpet as described before absorbing pet urine. The urine is filled with bacteria that now has the ultimate condition to grow on the pad. Therefore, in a case of pet accidents on your carpet, it is highly recommended to call a professional residential carpet cleaning company by you. The faster you will take care of the incident, the better odds you will have to fully resolve the issue.

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