Wood Floor Cleaning in Orange County, CA.

Orange County, CA is known to have a large variety of homes of all styles. From the new modern style with tile and stone around the house, to a more cozy feel with wood floors and warm colors. If you have wood floors around your home, then you must be familiar with the difficulties of cleaning it. Over time with the constant foot traffic you apply on your wood floors, it starts to evolve into dark areas. In addition, moving furniture around over the years must leave some dents and scratches behind. Therefore, wood floor cleaning is a great solution to you wood floors over time. If you live in Orange County and have thought of refreshing the look of your wood floor, please read some more about our wood floor cleaning in Orange County service.

Wood floor cleaning instead of new floor installation.

We have found that every 10 years, give or take, people find the need to renew the look and the feel of their home. That means, every few years you are looking into renovating your home. That includes your bath room, your current floor in the house, paint on the wall and of course, a new kitchen.

In order to save you lots of money on a new floor installation, if you currently have wood floors, we recommend wood floor cleaning. Over the years, the old style wood floor are always making a come back. Therefore, we can refer to them as the classic look of wood floors. Many customers nowadays are looking to preserve the original look and vibe of their home. Therefore, wood floor cleaning is a service at high demand.

wood floor cleaning

The process of wood floor cleaning.

In order to provide with the best wood floor cleaning results, it is necessary to remove the top layer of your wood floor by sanding it down. That means the average dents and scratches on your floor will disappear. However, keep in mind that deep scratches on the floor might still be visible. However, with our experience even the harsh scratches disappear almost completely. Once we are done removing the top layer of your floor we then apply a sealing coast to the floor with the exact amount of color that you are looking for apply.

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